Calling Back Your Power


When your soul becomes weary and the road ahead looks too far to walk, it’s time you call back your power. We all have struggles in our life that can leave us feeling weak and powerless to change the situation. When too many hardships come at us at once or over a long period of time, we can forget that we are Source Energy. We are the most powerful of all manifestors living on planet Earth at this time. But how do you feel that way after being beaten down? How do you re-member?

Let us look to some mirror magic. This won’t require any sage or incantations or a magic wand. All you need is yourself. Go to a mirror in the night, when the house is still. Turn the lights low to black out the background distractions. And sit. Sit with yourself. Really begin to look into your eyes. Not the way we look at ourselves in passing during the day to make sure our hair is in place, or our eyeliner hasn’t smudged. You have to sit with yourself the way you would sit with a dear friend you haven’t seen in many years. Eager to tell all of the things you’ve done or the shit you’ve dealt with. Look at yourself while bringing the thought to the forefront of your human mind that you are source. This idea we have of God/Goddess, The Universal Energy, Universal Mind, however you come to word it…you ARE it. You are one of the innumerable branches reaching from source. You are a beautiful expression of the Gods. Not a single other living thing in our world holds the same beauty as you…you are one of a kind.

And inside of you, right there beneath the surface, beneath that human skin, you are a living breathing expression of all the energy that is and ever will be. And if you will sit with yourself, and look deep into your own reflection you can re-member and you will call back your power.

Mirrors are valuable to a witch for a variety of reasons and are used in many types of spells and ritual. A mirror is a gift in that it allows us to reflect on how we are perceived by others and to connect into ourself through observation. This method of harnessing power that has been lost may seem too simple to be effective, but if you are willing to spend the time in deep concentration, with a gaze fixed at your own reflection, it will astonish you with the energizing and healing that follows. If emotions well to the surface, which is almost guaranteed, allow them. Stay with your reflection and just feel through whatever comes up. Stay until you have come back to calm. Stay until you can once again recognize the power that flows through your veins.

We are creators, all of us, that is human nature. Do not let the fear and sadness trick you…they only win if you allow it, because the only power they have over you is what you give them. Sit with yourself and re-member.


~ Blessed Be ~


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