March Moon Box Review


I received my very first delivery from The yesterday. The Moon Box is a monthly subscription box for witches and provides tools to enhance the practice of your craft. The items included correlate with that months moon and the time of year. The March box is called The Storm Moon Box and the theme is Energy. Let’s dig in, shall we?



My box arrived safely and well put together. In the above photo you can see it was packaged with care.



I peeled back the tissue paper and was pleased with the first glance. What goodies have we here? I opened the parchment paper that was on top of the tissue paper and read the description of the March box. Following the description is a list of the items included, what they symbolize/mean and suggestions for using them in ritual.



The first item listed is the Power Pyramid. A glass container shaped like a pyramid, mine is angel aura colored and has the Hamsa/Hand Of Fatima symbol (a protection symbol originating in Egypt) on the “door”. The suggestion is to place it on your altar and put spells, written intentions, crystals, etc. inside to activate and bring power to your intent. I have a Tibetan prayer box that I use similarly and think this is an awesome addition to my magical tool kit.




Up next is a Dragon’s Blood Sage Stick. White sage dipped in dragon’s blood incense. I had never seen a sage wand/smudge stick coated in incense and I am eager to use it. White sage is used to clear negativity and the dragon’s blood is said to increase its potency and power.



The third item listed is the Vitality Oil. This oil smells light and delicious! A blend of lemongrass, sweet orange and other magical oils. Use to bring about energy, creativity and activation. A few quartz crystals are also in the oil to enhance its potency. Intended to anoint candles, altar items and jewelry; it can also be worn on the skin to boost energy and vitality. I love perfume oils and will enjoy using this one for magic work and on myself.


Next we have Golden Aura Sacred Salt. Beautiful sacred bath salts brewed with marigold, rosemary herbs, lemongrass and rosemary essential oils. A magical blend of Golden Aura oil has been added to bring joy, happiness and abundance. These salts have been charged by the moon and energized by crystals. I absolutely love my nurturing bath time and am pleased to have the salts to enhance the experience. Many witches bathe before they cast a circle and perform ritual, and the salts would be nice for that purpose as well.



You might know from my last post that I love incense, so these Cinnamon Incense Sticks won’t go to waste in this home! Cinnamon is often used to boost the energy around you and enhance the potency of any given spell.



I was really happy to have a new crystal to work with when I uncovered the Red (tangerine) Quartz. Used to promote creativity and problem solving and to strengthen one’s sense of willpower and resolve. I turned on the flash to try and capture the detail in this stone, but I’m afraid the dim lighting in my room didn’t lend to good photographs.



I am using red candles on my altar this year in honor of The Year Of The Rooster, so I was happy that a beautiful Hand Anointed “Sacred Energy” Candle in red is included in the March box. Hand rolled in sacred herbs and oils and wrapped in a mantra from the Moon Box witches personal Book of Shadows. Please excuse the blurry photos…next month I’ll try to snap the reveal in daylight. This really is a lovely candle and will be a pleasure to burn.



Next I uncovered a bag of Orange Peel. Used for love, luck and power, you place the granules in a bath and picture yourself bathing in a golden light while you envision the energy of the sun flowing through you. Another lovely gift to use in my evening baths.



Thyme is for courage, healing, purification and the development of psychic powers. Burn prior to your ritual in an offering bowl or cauldron to purify the area.



Cinnamon Sticks are used for spirituality, success, love and power. It is suggested that you form a triangle around the base of your candle during ritual to enhance its power.



The Energy Sigil was tied to the top of the pyramid box with a string of twine and can be used during your ritual to focus your intentions. This sigil will amplify the emotions in your surroundings and bring forth the energies that have laid dormant over the winter. This is a copy of a hand painted original from the personal collection of the folks at Moon Box. I have yet to work with sigils so this will be new and fun!

A blank piece of parchment paper was included for writing down your intentions and experience during your ritual so that you may add it to your Book of Shadows. A nice touch, but I may use the parchment for writing up a spell.



Finally we have the Ostara Celebration Gift, the Besom Broom! This is by far my favorite item in the box and I am so happy to add it to my magical tool kit. The besom represents the air element. It is used to open and close circles and cleanse the energy of an area. This besom is charged with citrine and adorned with baby’s breath sprigs to represent the coming of Spring.




I want to add that this is not a sponsored post. I paid full price for my box ($45 plus $9 shipping in the US) and my opinions are completely unbiased. I also didn’t type out all of the information included on the guide sheets, so know that there is more magic awaiting if you sign up yourself. Overall, I couldn’t be happier with the March box! I will probably take out an item every day or so to work and familiarize myself with, which will keep my magical momentum going for the month. I plan to keep the subscription based on my first box and would recommend it to my fellow Witches. Did you enjoy seeing a glimpse of the March Moon Box? Should I do a reveal each month? I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinion on the box or ideas for the items included. Thank you for reading!


~ Blessed Be ~

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