A Love Spell


In 2001 I worked at the Sahara Café in Old Overland Park. This was in Kansas City. A converted old Taco Bell redecorated with framed photos of Jerusalem and antique Turkish teapots. The floor was sticky with olive oil and the owner Samir, was often sitting with customers reading tea leaves; a talent he was reluctant to share but was requested from our regulars often.

I ran the lunch shift. The entire café consisted of thirteen tables and they were all mine. After the tables filled up and Sam had cooked all of the orders, we often sat at a table and kept someone company. On many occasion this would be a woman named Denise Brown. A psychic who lunched on hummus and olives once a week. She was in her forties and I was twenty, but we had similar interests and got along well. She was convinced that I had DNA from the reptilian race and that amused me.

Knowing my practice in witchcraft she gifted me a spell book for my twenty first birthday. A book I still have, as she inscribed it and it holds sentimental value. I want to share a love spell from its pages in honor of February.



I think it is easy enough to read but I will type it out just in case.

“This spell can be used to attract love or to draw a lover closer. It should be begun on the night of a new moon. Take a salt shaker and pepper shaker, and designate one the female and the other the male. Then take a piece of pink ribbon, and tie the female object to one end and the male object to the other, leaving about a foot of ribbon between them. Every morning, untie the ribbon, move the objects a little closer together, and retie the knots. Eventually the salt and pepper shakers will touch. Leave them bound together for seven days before untying them. By this time, love should have entered your life or your current partner should have drawn closer.”

This Sunday is the new moon in Pisces and a nice time for a love spell. If this type of witchery is your speed, the name of the book is The Good Spell Book: Love Charms, Magical Cures and Other Practical Sorcery by Gillian Kemp. A charming book and fun for those new to working spells.

Enjoy the coming new moon and take the opportunity to do some quiet magic in solitude as winter begins to close and give way to the exuberance of spring.


~ Blessed Be ~

Me, Samir and my sister Sara 2001


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