What Type Of Witch?


Samhain 2016


But what type of witch are you? 

I’m never exactly sure how I want to answer this. Usually, I say something along the lines of Green Witch or Herb Witch, although that’s really simplifying and limiting things, isn’t it? I use the word green because it represents nature and being earth friendly and an affinity toward plants and herbs. I also feel that the Wheel Of The Year drives a witch’s motivation and planning, so once again…nature. But, You could also call me a Moon Witch, as I check the phase and astrological positioning of the moon almost every day. I try to do specific types of spell work, and herbal remedy making based on the moon as well.

Could you call me a Healer or Energy Witch? A Vibrational Magic Witch? I use alternative healing arts, and subtle energies in manifestation work. Maybe a Law Of Attraction Witch? Heh heh. Now I’m only kidding, but based on my beliefs and practice, it would be a suitable description. Honestly, I don’t think one needs a “type” attached to the identifier word Witch. If you like to call yourself a Hedge Witch (loves to garden) or Black Witch (meddles in dark arts), then I think that is perfectly fine and can be helpful when trying to describe yourself. I call myself a Green Witch in my Instagram bio and some of the herbalists I follow refer to themselves as Herb Witches.

The other day I was asked what my hobbies are, and I answered that I am a voracious reader and am constantly needing to learn new things. So maybe I am a Book Witch. That’s kind of cute. With religion there is a need to define the exact belief system you fall under…I’m Hindu and I am Brahmin, or I’m Hindu and I’m a Shaivite. Christians might be Methodist or Baptist or Episcopalian, etc. Being a witch isn’t a religion to me, and although it is a spiritual path, I need not define a type beyond the word witch. To quote, “Witchcraft is an intellectual pursuit, resulting in a spiritual and physical reaction.”

To those who aren’t familiar, there may lie some confusion in the fact that some witches are Wiccans, and Wicca is a religion, but not all witches are Wiccan. In fact, not all witches are Pagan or Celtic and SOME witches are Christians! So…to be a witch, to me, is to be a keeper of the secrets of the earth; no matter what type you are or what religion you may follow. I’m noticing a resurgence of the word amongst young women. It is a powerful word and at one time in our history was attached to women who were on the fringe of society because they practiced the old ways; the secret craft of the wise. In our current time of change and resistance, women are reclaiming their power and calling back the witch! I see them, fanning the flame of their inner magic!

“The word “Witch” carries so many negative connotations that many people wonder why we use the word at all. Yet to reclaim the word “Witch” is to reclaim our right, as women, to be powerful; as men, to know the feminine within as divine.” ~ Starhawk

 What type of witch are you?

~ Blessed Be ~




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