February Is For Love


Burning a white candle on Imbolc


Usually I blink and February is over. A short month, but one of my favorites. It starts off joyfully with the the fire festival Imbolc – we are midway to Spring and we summon the light! Some of my dearest friends were born in February, and of course Saint Valentine’s Day is on the fourteenth (my lucky number!).


Fox instinctually draped the Brigid’s Mantle over his head when we brought it in off the tree this morning.


All of the pink and red decorations at the department stores and the smell of entire aisles of chocolate candy bring back warm and fuzzy emotions from childhood. I daydream about helping Fox with his Valentine’s Day cards when he is just a bit older; while I pack the winter adornments away to storage and bring out the heart print tea towels and pink candles. Decorating for the season and holy days/sabbats is something I truly enjoy. Today we have been listening to Winter Solstice Radio on Pandora while we decorate and clean.

While winter is still here for six more weeks, let’s ramp up the love this month to keep our spirit’s up. This is the perfect time of year to do a little something special for the people you love the most. The tiniest of gestures can brighten someone’s month. It’s also really important to take extra love and care of yourself. Give yourself some time to sit in silence and listen to your heart’s desire…then answer it! You might be surprised by what you are really longing for when you turn off the noise and expectations.

What I’m loving for February:

~If you are into astrology and enjoy reading horoscopes, I want to recommend Astrology Zone. Susan Miller gives wonderful detailed forecasts that are very insightful. My sister witch Amber introduced me to the site in January and I am so happy she did!

~We have also discovered that Fox likes to watch old 80’s movies, and we have been watching the Back To The Future trilogy this week (flying cars in 2015!). I’m so enjoying revisiting movies from my childhood.

~ I know that the gemstone for February is amethyst but currently I am obsessed with rose quartz. A feminine stone of the heart, its energy is compassion and peace. I pulled out my rose quartz stones today and placed them in spots I will see them often throughout the day.


Giant Rose Quartz Moon at a gem show. Photographer unknown.


I will have more to share as the month progresses and as always, I would love to hear from you and what you are loving right now, so leave a comment below!

I wish you all a love filled February!




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