January Wolf Moon

Art by James Meger



The full moon that falls in January is known as the Wolf Moon to the Native Americans. Deep into winter by now, the wolves howl out in hunger. They weren’t the only ones who were hard pressed to find food during the cold months. Our ancestors found hunting and staying nourished much more difficult when the ground was frozen over and the animals hibernating or hidden away. Thankfully we no longer have to worry about how we will feed ourselves during the dark half of the year. Still, we would do well to eat less as we spend fewer hours outdoors burning energy and more time resting near the fire.

Today I have been thinking about what I will do on Thursday. A full moon is a wonderful time to take up a new hobby or pursuit; an all around good time for new beginnings. Creativity is at a peak, so spending time on music or the arts is favorable. We also just came out of Mercury retrograde on the 8th, so you will have double the forward momentum!

I’m planning to try a yoga class at a new studio. My yoga practice all but dissolved when I became symptomatic because of my ASD (atrial septal defect a.k.a. a hole in my heart) but now that I have mostly recovered from the surgery I am ready to get in shape again.

One thing I enjoy doing at every full moon is to charge my crystals and gemstones, including my crystal jewelry. Simply place your crystals and gemstones on a plate and leave them out over night under the light of the moon. This allows them to synch up with the powerful vibration of our moon. If you have snow where you are, you might like to bring some in with you and wipe your stones down with snow water to cleanse them. Just remember never to soak crystals because they can become foggy.

A full moon is also a brilliant time to concoct herbal remedies. Herbal infusions, cough syrups, tinctures and other herbal alchemy will be extra potent when made on the new moon.

I’ll be going to dinner with my mom and youngest sister Thursday night and one thing I fully intend for us to do is howl! That’s right! Just let out a big happy howl under the moonlit sky. It’s worth getting bundled up and heading out into the frigid air to fill your lungs and let it ALL out.

Spending time with your woman tribe during this high energy time can be powerful, bonding, and a lot of fun. It’s good to be cautious though, it is a known fact that emergency rooms see an increase in accident patients on full moons. Drink responsibly, be on the defense when driving and go slowly if you’ll be doing anything risky.

The gemstone for January is garnet and the food to load up on is citrus! I also really like to increase my use of the warming herbs and spices like ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, and garlic at this time.

Do you have rituals you perform on the full moon? Maybe even something specifically for the wolf moon? If so, I would love, love, love if you would share in the comments section below!


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