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Chinese food is a New Year’s Eve tradition in our home; don’t forget to bless it!


January has come to be one of my favorite months. This is the period where we look back at the year we’ve left behind and reflect on all that happened, while also looking forward to the year to come and all that is in store for us. It is during this time that we curl up near the fire in a warm blanket and rest. In the darkness we dream.

The first word that comes to mind when I think of January is COLD, but that is closely followed by the word home. While the air is dry and biting and the roads often dangerous to travel, much of the work we tend to during the first of the year takes place in our homes. Organizing closets, donating clothes and other items we no longer use and deep cleaning the house are all great ideas during the winter months. People tend to make resolutions at the start of the year too; exercising and eating a healthy diet being at the top of most everyone’s lists. These things are very important because our health really is everything but I’m not offering any recipes or workout routines today. I’m suggesting something I feel falls in line with how we care for ourselves and is the foundation for the energy in our homes. This is an act we can easily perform three times a day to nourish our being on a cellular level.

People have prayed over their food even before language was used. It is instinctual to invoke that the sustenance we must eat heal rather than harm us. We can also infuse our food with an emotional vibration while we bless it and this is why it is important to never cook for yourself or others if you are angry or upset. The emotion you feel will be transferred to the dish and to anyone who eats the meal. We want to be thinking thoughts of love, health and happiness while we cook and eat.

So here is your first bit of simple magic for the year. Before eating, place your hands over your plate or bowl. Close your eyes and think thoughts of love, your perfect body, strength, happy cells! This only takes a few seconds but the intention is set and the food blessed. The same holds for the water you drink. Cradle the cup between the palms of your hands while delivering positive thoughts. (This works for houseplants as well–bless them and watch them flourish!). This isn’t wishful thinking or junk science even. This is simply how man is meant to eat…a step as vital as chewing that has been abandoned over time. We all accept the fact that invisible microwaves can cook our food so why not believe in your own capability to transfer vibrations? Think back to some of the best meals that you have ever had. Some of you will remember a meal eaten at a wedding, a party, or on a vacation. The food probably was delicious but the joy of the occasion was also directly infused into the food making you feel happiness. Why wait for a special event to make food a celebration? It doesn’t have to be a fancy meal; a bowl of soup can leave you satisfied if eaten with positive intent. Bless your food and bring love to the table with every meal!

I wish you all good luck in the coming year, and success with any resolutions you have made. So be it.




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  1. I love this reminder! Makes me think of the book “Like Water for Chocolate.” Our energies and the food we nourish ourselves with are so interconnected.

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